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Looking for an architect to design your NGBS multifamily building? Check out these candidates.

Find an Architect with NGBS Design Experience

Many architecture firms have experience designing green residential buildings. However, the firms listed below have either had a residential building green certified to the National Green Building Standard or have at least one in process. This list is not an endorsement by Home Innovation Labs for any particular architect or firm. Rather, it is intended to serve as a resource for builders, developers, and others looking for an architect experienced in the NGBS certification requirements and process.


Architect firms
#9 Design
5G Studio
A3design, PC
AD: Arch
AES Consulting Engineers
Affiniti Architects
Alvarez Diaz & Villalon
Antunovich Associates, Inc.
Arapahoe Architects, P.C.
Archetype Architects
Archicon Architecture & Interiors, L.C.
Architectonics Studio, Inc.
Architects Group Limited
Architects Orange
Architectural Alliance, Inc.
Architectural Design Group
Architectural Nexus
Architectural Partners, P.C.
Architecture by Design
Architecture Demarest, LP
Arrive Architecture Group
Associated Consulting International
Atkin Olshin Schade Architects
Axiom Architecture
B&A Architects, Inc.
Barton Partners Architects Planners, Inc.
Bazan Architects, Inc.
BB&M Architecture
BCT Architects
BDG Architects
Beardsley Architects + Engineers
Beeler Guest Owens
Behar Font & Partners, P.A.
Belmont Daniel LP
Bessolo Design Group, Inc.
Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP
BGO Architects
Biltform Architecture Group, Inc.
BKV Group, Inc.
Black River Design
Blackbox Design Studios
BOKA Powell, LLC
Borges Architects and Associates
Brock Hudgins Architects
Browning Day
BSB Design, Inc.
Caron Architects
Caymares Martin
CBT Architects
CCBG Architects, Inc.
Chancey Design Partnership
Charlan · Brock · Associates | Architects · Planners
Cho Benn Holback + Associates, Inc.
CI Design
Clark Design Group, PLLC
Cline Design Associates
Cohen Freedman Ecinosa & Associates Architects P.A.
Cole Group Architects
Cooper Carry
Cordogan, Clark & Associates, LLC
Corwil Architects
Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C.
CPA Architecture
Cross Architects
Crosskey Architects LLC
CSO Architects
Cube 3 Studio
Cushing Terrell
Danois Architects
DAS Architects
David Forbes Hibbert, AIA
David Foster Architects
Davies Collaborative
Davis Architects
Davis, Carter, Scott Ltd.
Design Innovation Architects, Inc. (DIA)
Design Justice, LLC
Devereaux and Associates
Douglas McComb
Duncan Wisniewski Architecture
DW Taylor & Associates, Inc.
Dwell Design Studio
Dynamik Design
E + A Architects
EAPC Architects Engineers
Ebersoldt + Associates Architecture
EDG Architects, LLC
EDI International
Element Architects
Elliot Workgroup
Embrey Construction
Entasis Design-A BSB Design Studio
Eric Miller Architects
Ervin Lovett Miller
ESPA Architects & Planners
Fawley Bryant Architecture
FFA Architecture
Finley Design
Foley Design Associates
Forum Architecture and Interior Design, Inc.
Fugleberg Koch, LLC
Fusco, Shaffer & Pappas, Inc.
G4 Design
Gables Residential
Ganek Architects, Inc.
Gate 17 Architecture LLC
GBA Architects
GDA Architects
Geheber Lewis & Associates
George M. Rogers, Architect
Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects
GFF Architects
Glantz Architects
Glasow Simmons Architecture
Gleason Architects, P.C.
Godden Sudik
Gonzalez Newell Bender, Inc.
Good, Fulton & Farrell
Goode Van Slyke Architecutre
Gorman & Company, Inc.
Grimm and Parker Architecture
Gromatzky Dupree & Associates
Group 4 Design, Inc.
H Design Group
H&R Design Inc.
Haley Donovan
Halstead Architects
HED Design
HEDK Architects
Henneman and Associates, LLC
Hensley Lamkin Rachel, Inc.
Hodges Living
Hord Coplan Macht
Hoyt Architects
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
Humphreys & Partners Architects L.P.
Humphries Poll Architects
Intek, Inc.
ITEC Design
J. Scott Johnston
Jackson & Ryan Architects
James Hann Design
James S. Carr A.I.A. & Associates, LLC
James, Harwick and Partners, Inc.
JDavis Architects, PLLC
JG Johnson Architects
JHP Architecture / Urban Design
JKRP Architects
JLG Architects
John Cotton Architects, Inc.
Johnson Development Associates
Johnson Nathan Strohe
Jones + Jones Associates
Joseph Vallone Architects & Development Studio, LLC
JRA Architects, Inc.
Kaller Architecture
Kelly Grossman Architects
Kephart Architects
Kern & Co., LLC
Kil Architecture Planning
Kitchen & Associates
KJG Architecture, Inc.
Krehbiel Architecture
KSQ Design
KTGY Group
Lamar Johnson Collaborative
Lawrence Abell and Associates, Ltd.
LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects
Lessard Design
LLW Architects, P.C.
Looney Ricks Kiss
Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc.
Lott & Barber
LRK, Inc.
LS3P Associates
LSC Design
Marc Wiener, AIA
Marks, Thomas Architects Inc.
Martin Riley Architects-Engineers
Martin Riley Associates-Architects PC
MBH Architecture
Meeks + Partners
Merriman Anderson Architects
Michael Doty Associates, Architects PC
Miller Slayton Architects
Minno Wasko Architects and Planners
Mitchell & Mouat Architects
Moseley Architects
MSA Architects, Inc.
Mushinsky Voelzke Associates CHTD
Myszak + Palmer, Inc.
Narmour Wright
Neil Gray
Nelsen Partners
Nelson Tremain Partnership, P.A.
Newman Marchive Carlisle, Inc.
Niles Bolton Associates
NK Architects
NMD Nomadas, LLC
NSPI Architects
NSPJ Architects
OMS Architects
ORB Architecture
OZ Architecture
Paredes Architects
Parikh Stevens Architects
Parker/Mudgett/Smith Architects, Inc.
Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture, Inc.
PDS Architecture, Inc.
Peikert Group Architects
Perkins Eastman, P.C.
Pimler Hoss Architects
Pivotal Architecture, PC
Plageman Architecture
Planworx Architecture, P.A.
Poole & Poole Architecture, LLC
PQH Architects, Inc.
Praxis 3 Architecture
Progressive AE
Public47 Architects
Pucciano & Associates, PC
Pucciano & English, Inc.
Quinn Evans
RE Chisholm Architects, Inc.
Reese Vanderbilt & Associates
Richard Jones Architecutre, Inc.
Rick Lessard
RIDA Architecture, PLLC
Robert Kurzon
Robert Paul Finta
Roger Fry & Associates Architects
Rosemann & Associates
Rule Joy Trammel & Rubio
Ruscitto, Latham & Blanton
S3 Architecture
Sage Architecture Inc.
SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructre, LLC
Salazar Architectural Group
SCF Arquitectos
Schiel & Associates
Sebree Architects
SERA Design and Architure, Inc.
SGA / Narmour Wright Design
SGN+A, Inc.
Shears Adkins Rockmore
Sikes-Abernathie Architects
Site Design Group, Ltd.
SK&I Architectural Design Group
Skidmore Janette
Slocum Platts Architects, P.A.
Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart & Associates, Inc. Architects
Smith Gee Studios
Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Southeast Venture, LLC
SRKM Architecture
St. Louis Design Alliance
Steele Group Architects
Steinberg Design Collaborative, LLC
Steinberg Dickey Collaborative, LLC
Stephen Perry Smith Architects
Steven E. Hutchins Architects, Inc.
Studio 8 Design, LLC
Studio Architects
Studio B Design
Studio Intrigue
Studio K Architecture
Studio PBA
Sueba Consulting, Inc.
Sullivan Goulette & Wilson Ltd.
Surber, Barber, Choate and Hertlein Architects, PC
SWBR Architecture
SWD Architects, Inc.
TAT the architecutral team
TDI Associates
Ted Trout Architect and Associates, Ltd.
The Architects Office, LLC
The Architectural Team, Inc.
The Architecture Studio
The Architecural Team Inc.
The Housing Studios
The Martin Architectural Group
The Mulhern Group Ltd.
The Preston Partnership, LLC
The SAGE Group
The Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership
THW Design
Tise Kiester Architect
Todd & Associates
Torti Gallas + Partners
Urban Architecture, LLC
Urban Works Architecture
Urban Works Ltd.
Valle and Valle, Inc.
Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh
W Partnership, Inc
Wallace Architects
Watts Leaf Architects
WBRC, Architects and Engineers
WDG Architecture Dallas, PLLC
WDG Architecture, PLLC
Weese Langley Weese
WGW Architects
Wiencek + Associates + Architects + Planners
Wilder Belshaw Architects
Womack & Hampton Architects
Worn Jerabek Wiltse Architects, P.C.
WRT Design
ZA+D Associates
Zavos Architecture + Design
ZCA Residential, LLC
Zieger Cooper Architect
Ziegler Cooper Architects