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Third-party NGBS Green Verifiers accredited by Home Innovation Research Labs.

Find a Verifier for NGBS Green Certification

Use the link below for a list of accredited NGBS Green Verifiers. Home Innovation accredits individuals as NGBS Green Verifiers, not companies; and each verifier is accredited to specific NGBS versions. Select a Verifier accredited to the NGBS version you are using. Home Innovation will not certify projects inspected by non-accredited individuals. If you need assistance finding a Verifier — contact Home Innovation Labs.

What is an NGBS Green Master Verifier? NGBS Green Master Verifiers are individuals who have achieved exclusive, top-tier accreditation based on his/her significant green building knowledge and applied experience verifying NGBS Green compliance. Go to the link for Accredited NGBS Green Verifier list and use the filter to select "Master" for "Type" of Verifier.

Need a Verifier with Existing Building Expertise? Find a Verifier experienced with the unique demands of Existing Building certification.

Need a verifier with Water Rating Index (WRI) Training? Only NGBS Green Verifiers who have completed additional optional training in water efficient design and the calculations behind the Water Rating Index (WRI) are eligible to score and verify for a home’s features for a certified WRI score. Filter the list for NGBS Green WRI Verifiers.

Interested in becoming a verifier or a field rep? Check out the "NGBS Green Verification Candidates' Handbook" for details.



See full list of NGBS Accredited Verifiers.