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Melissa Baldridge
June 18, 2014

Off the Shelf Green: Don't Reinvent the Wheel

For decades, cities have been grafting green building certifications into commercial building codes, but more and more they're doing likewise with residential building. Rather than invent yet another green code, building departments can benefit from using a proven, off-the-shelf green home building certification that can be implemented quickly and effectively. Plus, homeowners get the added benefit of having a nationally recognized green home certification, adding market value to properties in a sale or refinance.

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Author Bio
Melissa Baldridge, Co-Owner & Co-Founder GreenSpot Global
Melissa Baldridge
Co-Owner & Co-Founder, GreenSpot Global

Melissa is an accredited Home Innovation NGBS Green Verifier and her company, GreenSpot Global, helps property owners and other building professionals simplify the process of building green.