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Marla Esser, CGP, LEED-AP
May 8, 2014

Why Provide a Green Homeowner Manual?

Homes today, especially high-performance green homes, are complex – they involve systems within systems, integrated technologies, and dozens of “pieces” or components that homeowners rely on every day. Each home component – including systems, appliances, finishes, and more – has its own make, model, serial number, user manual, warranty information, and more. A homeowners’ manual is the key to maintaining and understanding all of these components, and providing a comprehensive manual to your homeowners is the key to establishing yourself as a reliable resource for them.

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Author Bio
Marla Esser
Marla Esser, CGP, LEED-AP
Owner HomeNav by Sustaining Spaces, LLC

Marla is the inventor and designer of HomeNav®, a patent-pending online owners’ manual for green homes. HomeNav is a Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified product, which means it can help a builder or remodeler accrue points toward home certification to the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).