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Steven Armstrong
May 28, 2014

Get Help Navigating The ‘Gray Zone’ in Green: Commercial-Grade Residential Construction

Use of the NGBS for multifamily construction has been booming over the past few years, and it's being accepted as the green program of choice at near exponential rates. All NGBS Green Verifiers are trained by Home Innovation to verify all types of green projects, but on-the-ground expertise varies. If you are transitioning from multifamily low- and mid-rise buildings to multifamily high-rise buildings, it's important to work with an NGBS Green Verifier who understands the "gray areas" and differences with this kind of project to maximize the value of your verification.

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Author Bio
Steve Armstrong
Steven Armstrong
Executive Vice President, Environmental Solutions Group (ESG)

In his current position with ESG, Steve's primary responsibility is as director of the Residential and Commercial Energy Division. He has been an accredited Home Innovation NGBS Green Verifier since 2008 and has been very active in promoting certification to the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Steve holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the environmental sciences, and has a wealth of experience in both the residential and commercial construction industries.