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Bob Sahadi
June 6, 2014

Your Building is Green - Why Isn't Your Appraisal?

For multifamily building owners, the old excuse that the appraiser "just didn't get it" when it comes to receiving a green appraisal, doesn't have the validity today that it once did. It's more a matter of owners not knowing how to properly seek an appraisal process that values green attributes. Bob Sahadi of the Institute for Market Transformation discusses the existing gaps he's seen in green multifamily building owners receiving appropriate green appraisals that reflect their buildings' inherent benefits — lower operating expenses, faster absorption, lower vacancies, and even more favorable capitalization rates.

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Author Bio
Robert J. Sahadi
Bob Sahadi
Director of Energy Efficiency Finance, Institute for Market Transformation

Bob Sahadi leads IMT's work to develop and expand energy efficiency financing solutions for homes and commercial buildings. This includes legislative initiatives such as the SAVE Act, a proposal co-developed by IMT to factor energy cost savings into residential underwriting standards and home appraisal practices. Prior to this position, Bob was vice president for product development at Fannie Mae, and held a number of senior positions in the federal government.