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Ed Hudson, MBA
November 28, 2013

Green Homebuyers (Still) Not Willing to Give Up Comfort, Convenience

Over the past decade, we've undertaken dozens of market research projects to uncover what consumers know or don't know, like or dislike, want or don't want in green homes. Find out what insights this long-ranging look at consumer preferences has given me, and some of the most meaningful and easy remedies to barriers that might confront builders heading down the green home path.

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Bob Hill, PE
November 21, 2013

Up Close and Personal with "The Racker"

While its name might conjure up images of a middle ages torture machine or a modern-day MMA move, our "Racker" is actually used to understand the shear wall performance of building assemblies. Find out what makes this custom piece of test equipment particularly well-suited for ensuring structural systems are up to the test.

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Michelle Foster
November 14, 2013

What You Need, Is a Change of Habit!

Elvis was right. “Changes are a-comin', for these are changing days.” The housing industry is no stranger to change; many of our clients have successfully navigated the cyclical housing market. But it certainly seems the pace of change within our characteristically slow-to-change industry has accelerated.

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