Become an NGBS Green Verifier

Build your success on ours! Find out how to become accredited as an NGBS Green Verifier.

Become an NGBS Green Verifier

NGBS Green Verifiers serve as independent, in-field representatives of Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification program. Verifiers work with builder/developer/remodeler/architect clients to guide them through the certification process and perform rough and final inspections of the projects seeking certification.

Home Innovation has accredited hundreds of NGBS Green Verifiers across the country, but the program is always growing and in need of skilled verification professionals. NGBS Green Verifier accreditation offers an opportunity for green building professionals to apply their skills in new ways. Accreditation offers an opportunity to build or expand a business with NGBS Green verification as a service offering.

If you're interested in becoming accredited as an NGBS Green Verifier by Home Innovation, check out the NGBS Green Verification Candidate's Handbook. The guide outlines the accreditation process and essential requirements of the NGBS Green Verifier role. See NGBS Green training fees.

(Please note: NGBS Green Verifier accreditation is earned by individuals; it does not extend company-wide. However, if an individual intends to provide verification services as an employee of an organization of which they are not the sole owner, an officer of that company must provide consent by signing the Verifier Agreement.)


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